Welcome to MBX – where the world of beauty is redefined with a blend of fun, efficacy, and innovation. At MBX, we don't just believe in creating beauty products; we believe in creating experiences. Each of our brands carries a unique personality and offers a distinct experience, crafted to bring joy and effectiveness to your beauty routine.


Our approach to beauty is inclusive and thoughtful. We design products with everyone in mind, regardless of gender, age, or location. Our goal? To make your skincare and makeup routines not just easy, but also enjoyable. After all, you deserve beauty products that not only work wonders but also make you smile.

The secret behind our innovative products is something quite unexpected in the beauty industry – data. Yes, data is our guiding star. It fuels our creativity, combining innovation, technology, and community insights to craft products that truly resonate with you.

But innovation isn’t just about data. We believe a product isn’t worth making unless it meets three crucial criteria:




Our roots are firmly planted in K-beauty, known for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional ingredients. This heritage inspires us to deliver high-performance products that live up to the K-beauty legacy.

We're on a journey towards sustainability, striving to make our products vegan and environmentally friendly. We know there's room for improvement, and we're committed to getting there. Your feedback is invaluable in this journey. Share your honest thoughts and suggestions with the founder & CEO at [email protected]. Let's make beauty better, together.